Earn To Die 3

Earn to die 3 is one of the best games to play and one of the most entertaining. It is available for apple iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and can be played online from PC. Earn to die is the thrill of surviving jeopardy and to be rewarded with a high score in the end. The game offers amazing rides which are customizable with weapons.


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The games story sets you as the last survivor of a zombie plague and you know what that means! The zombies roam around the barren wasteland and the only way you can get past them is with the help of your zombie slaughter vehicle. Run over zombies to kill them or just shoot them to death. In the beginning you start off with a small amount of cash and an old car. By killing zombies you can earn cash and then fit machine guns and front facing ploughs to clear your path for you.


You also have the ability to power up your engine and add as much nitrous as you need. You only have a limited amount of fuel and you must use it wisely in order to get to the next safe haven. Once your vehicle runs out of fuel the zombies will eat your brains out. With enough attempts and zombie kills you eventually have enough cash to purchase more fuel and more ammunition which will give you a clear and easy chance of getting to the next safe point. Earn to die 3 is one of the best zombie games in order to enjoy it you must play it.