Monster Truck Maniac 2

Every monster truck lover would be pleased to hear that now you play monster truck games for free online! Now you can drive your monster truck from home some of the most prevalent games available on different websites are listed below.

One of the most fun and addictive monster truck games is Monster Truck Maniac 2. It’s the game that leaves you craving for more. You have the chance to play in either country or factory mode. You get to drive a monster truck through varying levels and terrains. The higher your score more challenges, upgrades and designs will be unlocked.


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You have the ability to customize and personalize your truck so make it the meanest machine on the road. A similar game Thor Monster Truck has the same game play and challenges. Try out both of these games and decide for yourself which one leaves you wanting for more.

For people who want to build their own customized tracks and then drive a monster on them Jump Gear 2 is the game for them. This game also has the feature through which you can create your track or you can get track codes. You can even play on official tracks. You have to beat the clock to win while making flips in the air and performing other stunts. This is a fun and creative game for all.

Street rally will give you the adrenaline rush you are looking for. You have the chance to run wild on your beloved monster truck. Race through checkpoints and complete the race in the minimum time in order to win. Beware of other vehicles though but don’t about pedestrians running them over will get you bonus marks. Have the time of your life and play monster truck maniac 2.