Truck Launch Maniac

If you are bored and want to kill time in a fun way instead of staring into empty place then Truck Launch Maniac is the game for you. One of the highest rated games on the internet and can be played from iPhone, iPad, Android or from the internet on your PC. It’s a small but fun game which will leave you craving for another chance to play.


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In the game you get to upgrade your vehicle and the basic goal is to unlock new upgrades. You start with a basic truck, which has really good suspension and you drive it off ramp into a landscape filled with explosives, bombs, signs and coins which are placed randomly. Don’t hit the signs, avoid the bombs and collect the coins in order to purchase new upgrades. Once you hit a bomb it will increase vertical or horizontal velocity while signs slow you down. You have a chance to fly a monster truck off the ramp and try to fly as far you can without taking any damage.

The upgrades include amazing things such as a flying monster truck! Once you advance in levels you unlock wheels, rockets and you get to lower your vehicle weight which in turn increases your speed. Truck launch is not the hardest game but surely is one of the most addictive. You need to purchase upgrades strategically, you can’t just waste all your money or you will be a sitting duck. Once you start playing this game you just can’t stop try and see for yourself.